5 Myths About Senior Independent Living Communities in Madison, Wisconsin

Get the real and surprising facts about the most common misperceptions.

One of the myths about living in senior independent living communities in Madison, WI is that you’ll lose your independenceIf you think senior independent living communities aren’t a good fit for you, it might be time to reconsider. These are a few of the most common myths about retirement communities and the real facts that may surprise you.

1| Myth: They're too expensive

Fact: What's expensive is paying out-of-pocket for your current home’s maintenance and upkeep. At most senior independent living communities, property maintenance is entirely covered in your monthly rental fee. Power and utilities are often included as well, so you'll spend less time writing checks and more time doing the things you love.

2| Myth: It’s lonely

Fact: Senior independent living communities actually offer countless ways to socialize. Through common areas and planned activities like game nights and coffee chats, you can regularly connect with others just like you who share similar interests and values. Plan group outings to the City of Madison Senior Center to make new and lasting memories with your new friends.

3| Myth: It will restrict my independence

Fact: When you live in an independent living community, you're free to come and go whenever you want. There are no time restrictions or curfews to keep. Your life is still your own – just a better version of it.

4| Myth: Pets aren’t allowed

Fact: This may have been true years ago, but today many senior living communities do allow pets--including our properties. There are a few limitations, but friendly dogs and cats are typically welcome so don't hesitate to ask about each property’s policy.

5| Myth: It’s depressing

Fact: Today's modern senior living communities are everything but depressing. They attract seniors who are looking to simplify their life so they can live the retirement they’ve always wanted. Nicely manicured outdoor spaces, well-appointed apartments, and cheerful on-site staff make for a warmly pleasant environment we’re sure you’d enjoy.

Have we surprised you with our real facts about senior independent living communities? If you want to see for yourself what they're really like, feel free to search our Madison, WI properties or give us a call to schedule a tour. You might just find the perfect place to call home.

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