Essential Packing List for Moving to Granville Heights Retirement Living Community in Milwaukee, WI

Before you can settle into your new carefree, independent retirement living community in Milwaukee, WI, you need to deal with packing and moving! When planning for moving day, consider going room-by-room to make sure you don't miss anything. In this blog post, we'll share the essential packing list of items you need for your journey to Granville Heights.

6 Myths about Low Income Senior Housing Options in Milwaukee, WI

We've heard it all before — from affordability to social opportunities, there are many misconceptions about low-income senior housing options in Milwaukee! In this post, we'll highlight just how wrong some of these perceptions are about senior living options!

How to Help Your Parents Find the Best Retirement Community For Them in Milwaukee, WI

Discussing alternative housing options with your aging parents can be difficult, especially if they have lived in their own home in Milwaukee, WI, for many years. While it may not be an easy conversation to have, finding the right senior housing option can help them live life to the fullest with convenience and community.

5 Tips for Moving to Low-Income Senior Apartments in Milwaukee, WI

Have you decided you'd like to move into a senior living community in Milwaukee, WI? Congratulations on making the next step to living a relaxing, carefree lifestyle! The thought of packing all of your belongings and moving into a new community may seem intimidating at first, but taking things one step at a time can help make your move less stressful and more exciting.

7 FAQS About Our Affordable Senior Apartments for Rent in Oregon, WI

Are you interested in moving into affordable senior apartments for rent in Oregon, WI? We have the answers to some commonly asked questions about One West Wolfe so you can have a better idea of what it's like to live in these apartment homes. 

6 Ways the Best Retirement Communities in Milwaukee, WI Can Save You Money

The maintenance and repair fees that keep a home in peak condition can add up quickly. If you want to leave behind the costs and stresses that come with home ownership in Milwaukee, WI, consider choosing an affordable retirement community that helps you maximize your enjoyment in life.