4 Original 19th-century Architectural Details in Today’s Independent Living Community in Sinsinawa, WI

These stunning features are sure to make The Academy at Sinsinawa feel like home.

When you think of independent living communities, 19th-century architecture may not immediately come to mind. But that's what makes The Academy at Sinsinawa so unique. Once the St. Clara Academy, a school established in 1882, this 19th-century structure is today’s home to The Academy at Sinsinawa Senior Apartments. Residents here enjoy all the modern amenities seniors expect, along with beautiful original architectural details that history and architecture buffs will quickly recognize and appreciate. 

1. Leaded Glass Windows Leaded glass windows are a 19th-century architectural detail residents enjoy at The Academy at Sinsinawa independent living in Sinsinawa, WI.

Stained or leaded glass was typically a feature of churches and religious schools in the 19th-century, but it also adorned homes of some upper class homeowners during America's industrial revolution. At this time, the glass was still produced carefully by hand, one piece at a time – not mass manufactured as we're accustomed to today. The result? Spellbinding pieces of functional art that welcome neighbors and friends to The Academy.

2. High Ceilings

Neoclassical and Italianate buildings of the 19th-century were often marked by higher-than-average ceilings. Compared to the shorter residential and commercial heights characteristic of lower-cost buildings of the time, high ceilings were a symbol of grand luxury. Residents at The Academy at Sinsinawa enjoy 9-foot ceilings in every apartment, and even taller ceilings in public gathering spaces.

3. Ornate Trim, Molding, and Fireplace Mantels 

Slim, minimalist style is vogue today, but in the 19th-century it was all about the ornate details. Finely carved crown molding, broad window and door trim, and ornately carved fireplace mantels and finials marked fine woodwork in this era. Found throughout The Academy at Sinsinawa, these original elements represent the historical charm that visitors and residents appreciate today.

4. Domes and Buttresses

In the 19th-century, chapels and public spaces were often dominated by soaring domes, including the Gothic Revival pointed domes, reminiscent of much older European architecture. Lacy buttresses, deep, polished wood, and light wall colors give spaces at The Academy of Sinsinawa a sense of lofty grandeur. 

For residents of The Academy at Sinsinawa, these and more captivating original 19th-century architectural details are a familiar part of everyday life. To learn more about the perks of independent living in Sinsinawa, WI, contact us to experience the magic of The Academy for yourself. 

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