How to Add Local Flair to Your Independent Living Home in Janesville, WI

Are you looking to add a touch of local pizazz to your independent living home? Look no further than your surroundings! Janesville is filled with beautiful landmarks and events that make our city an extraordinary place to live. Explore these gems in the Janesville area for decorating inspiration that will add local flair and make your new home at First Senior I & II Apartments comfortable and unique. 

1. Add Classic Garden Touches | Inspiration: Rotary Botanical Garden The Rotary Botanical Gardens offers plenty of decorating inspiration for your independent living home in Janesville, WI.

Take a stroll through the Rotary Botanical Garden, Janesville's beautiful 20-acre garden featuring the English Cottage Garden, Japanese Garden, and specialty gardens. Discover new plants and botanical features you can pot on your balcony or patio or in an indoor container garden. Bring a touch of the harmony and peace of these carefully designed gardens to your new home. 

2. Infuse a Touch of History | Inspiration: Lincoln-Tallman House 

Take a stroll through the Rotary Botanical Garden, Janesville's beautiful 20-acre garden featuring the English The Lincoln-Tallman House was once the home of the William Tallman family and the spot where Abraham Lincoln stayed during his time in the area after his Beloit speeches. The well-appointed house was a stunning mansion, full of cutting-edge technology for the time, beautiful interior decor, and bright, airy gathering places. When you walk through the halls, you can't help but notice the beautiful gallery of family portraits, each in a distinctive frame and style. Consider using this breathtaking wall of memories to inspire a gallery of family portraits in your independent living home. 

3. Feature Local Art | Inspiration: Tallman Arts Festival 

Every year, the Tallman Arts Festival brings dozens of vendors to display their art. From ceramics to oil paintings and fiber art to wood crafts, you can find inspiration for artistic décor at every turn. These exceptional handcrafted pieces of art can help you bring a touch of local flair to your new home.

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