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Crest View Senior Housing Neighborhood Guide in Greenfield, Wisconsin

Looking to relocate to an affordable place to enjoy your retirement years? The one- and two-bedroom low income senior housing options at our Crest View property are in a tranquil spot we’re sure you’d enjoy. Our neighborhood features the adjacent Towering Woods Nature Center, as well as an abundance of convenient nearby stops.

5 Ways to Feel Comfortable in Your Retirement Home in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

If you’re ready to embrace all the lifestyle benefits of senior living communities, but wonder whether your new place will ever really feel like home, take heart. The key to starting this next chapter off right is to find ways to make your retirement home in Sheboygan, Wisconsin feel more comfortable. These tips will help you find fun, relaxation, and familiarity in your new ‘home sweet home.’

Waterview of Sheboygan I & II Retirement Communities Neighborhood Guide in Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Relocating to a new town, or even just a new neighborhood, is much easier when you know where to find most convenient grocery stores, entertainment, and restaurants.

Greentree Glen Senior Living Community Neighborhood Guide in Madison, Wisconsin

If you’re checking out senior living communities in Madison, WI, we have a special neighborhood to tell you about. See the neighborhood guide below to learn about Greentree Glen, our west Madison senior apartments. We’ve listed a few convenient stops nearby for grocery stores, coffee shops, parks, and more so you can get to know all this desirable area has to offer.

Burr Oaks Low Income Senior Housing Neighborhood Guide in Madison, Wisconsin

Life at Burr Oaks low income senior housing can be far better than you imagined—from the landscaped grounds, right down to the shops and amenities you'll find nearby. This guide will help you find your way around the neighborhood and give you an idea of the closest stops for essentials like groceries and home goods.

Highland Village I & II Senior Housing Neighborhood Guide in Watertown, Wisconsin

Come here for more than just coffee. Their stellar reviews on Google and Yelp reflect their amazing options, from great lattes to traditional breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees.You'll love the senior housing neighborhood at Highland Village I & II in Watertown, WI. The surrounding area offers everything you need within easy driving distance, from shopping and great restaurants to storage and moving companies. Check out our guide to your new senior housing neighborhood below.

Questions to Ask When Searching for 55+ Communities

When you’re searching for 55+ communities, you want to find somewhere you feel comfortable calling home. You deserve a place that is secure and affordable, and has plenty of amenities. These questions will help you narrow your choices as you explore your options.

Find the Best Retirement Communities for You [Quiz]

Are you searching for the best retirement communities for your personality and lifestyle preferences? This quiz can help you narrow down your choices. Jot down the letter of each answer as you go.

4 Unexpected Lifestyle Benefits of Senior Living Communities

If you're thinking about ways to make the most of your retirement, consider these pleasantly surprising benefits of senior living communities.