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5 Things You’ll Love About Alta Mira II 55+ Independent Living Community in Menomonee Falls, WI

There's a lot to love about the Alta Mira II 55+ Independent Living Community in Menomonee Falls, WI. From nearby delicious restaurants to a charming small-town atmosphere, you'll find it all here. 

Willard Haus Retirement Community Neighborhood Guide in Janesville, WI

The neighborhood surrounding Willard Haus Senior Apartments in Janesville, WI is filled with convenient amenities. Browse our guide to the area below to discover all of the local stops that will make your move easier.

How to Add Local Flair to Your Independent Living Home in Janesville, WI

Are you looking to add a touch of local pizazz to your independent living home? Look no further than your surroundings! Janesville is filled with beautiful landmarks and events that make our city an extraordinary place to live.

First Senior I & II Retirement Community Neighborhood Guide in Janesville, WI

Need help finding your way around your new retirement community at First Senior I & II Apartments? The area is full of local conveniences and amenities. This guide will help you navigate to your first essential stops and provide information to make settling in a little easier.

5 Ways to Build New Friendships at Hillside Woods I & II Independent Living Community in Delafield, WI

Are you a new resident of the independent living community at Hillside Woods I & II Senior Apartments in Delafield, WI? It’s easy to get plugged in, get to know like-minded neighbors, and meet new friends!

Hillside Woods I & II Retirement Community Neighborhood Guide in Delafield, WI

If you’re thinking about moving to a retirement community in Delafield, WI, consider all that Hillside Woods I & II Senior Apartments has to offer. Check out this guide to find out about the desirable shopping, dining, and other area amenities nearby.

4 Original 19th-century Architectural Details in Today’s Independent Living Community in Sinsinawa, WI

When you think of independent living communities, 19th-century architecture may not immediately come to mind. But that's what makes The Academy at Sinsinawa so unique. Residents here enjoy all the modern amenities seniors expect, along with beautiful original architectural details that history and architecture buffs will quickly recognize and appreciate. 

The Academy at Sinsinawa Retirement Community Neighborhood Guide in Sinsinawa, WI

If you’re looking for a retirement community in the charming area of Sinsinawa, WI, The Academy at Sinsinawa Senior Apartments has everything you need. Learn more about the surrounding neighborhood with our helpful guide below.

Angell Park Retirement Community Neighborhood Guide in Sun Prairie, WI

When you're moving into a new retirement community, finding your way around the neighborhood is essential to making it feel like home. Thankfully, Angell Park Senior Apartments in Sun Prairie, WI is close to everything you need, from groceries to great restaurants.

5 Ways to Infuse Social Activities into Independent Living in Sun Prairie, WI

The social aspect of independent living in Sun Prairie, WI allows you to make connections with neighbors and friends at a similar life stage.