How to Find the Best Retirement Community in Cedar Rapids, IA For You

Advice for choosing a senior housing option that suits your needs.

Choosing the best retirement community in Cedar Rapids is stress-free when you follow these four steps.

Choosing the best retirement community for you is an important decision. Ensuring you get everything you want can help you take full advantage of your retirement years. Whether you’re looking to make new friends, try fun activities, or live a comfortable, stress-free life – or all the above – the right community can make it happen.

Because of the weight of this decision, it’s crucial to look closely at all your options. In a city like Cedar Rapids, IA there are many factors to keep in mind when finding the best retirement community for you. Follow these steps to be confident that you’re making an informed decision.

Step 1: Choose a neighborhood

Step 2: Compare costs and amenities

Step 3: Tour the properties

Step 4: Plan your move

Keep reading to learn more about these steps for finding the best retirement community for you in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Step 1: Choose a neighborhood

Cedar Rapids is the second-largest city in Iowa, with more than 120,000 residents and more than 28 neighborhoods to explore. If you've been in the city for a while, you know which areas you tend to prefer. If you’re new to Cedar Rapids, however, make sure you visit neighborhoods with retirement communities to get a feel for vibe. You can also talk to local residents about what it’s like to live there. They may even fill you in on the best places to shop or eat nearby.

Cedar Bluffs Senior Apartments is a conveniently-located retirement community in Cedar Rapids, IA that’s near many activities and amenities. You can enjoy the 96 parks, six swimming pools, and four golf courses that are throughout the area and check out the two farmers’ markets at Noelridge and Downtown. You may even want to pay a visit to the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. The convenient location at Cedar River Bluffs ensures you’ll have access to plenty of things to do.

Step 2: Compare costs and amenities

Take a tour and find out if Cedar River Bluffs is the best retirement community for you. Once you’ve narrowed your selection down to some of the best retirement communities in Cedar Rapids, compare what each has to offer.

First, find out whether utilities and other amenities are included in your leasing agreement. At Cedar River Bluffs, your water and municipal services are fully covered in your monthly payment. You can also leave behind the stress of dealing with costly home maintenance emergencies. We offer complimentary 24-hour emergency maintenance services should any unexpected issue arise. Comparing costs like these is an important aspect of finding the best retirement community, but you may also want to see how the amenities stack up as well.

Make sure the retirement community you choose offers the amenities and activities you enjoy. Writing down your must-have list is an excellent first step. Then, check to ensure each property you’re considering ticks all your boxes.

Cedar River Bluffs offers a wide range of amenities, like a community fitness center and free WiFi. You can also enjoy a community patio and club room, which allows you to socialize with other residents with similar interests and backgrounds. Underground parking, storage facilities, and access to discounted cable and internet services round out the many desirable on-site amenities you’ll find here.

Step 3: Tour the properties

Taking a tour of the properties you're considering is the surest way to determine the best retirement community for you. You can get a feel for the atmosphere, layout, and personality of the property. You may even have the chance to speak to residents to learn how they like living there. Make sure you call ahead and make an appointment so you can have a leasing agent properly show you around.

When taking the tour of your potential new home, you’ll want to be armed with the right questions to ask the leasing agent and residents of the community. If you’re having trouble figuring out what questions to ask, check out our blog.

Choosing the best retirement community in Cedar Rapids, IA for you is an important decision.  You want to take the process slow and make sure you find somewhere that truly feels like home. During your tour, pay specific attention to the details of the unit to decide if it’s somewhere you’d want to wake up every day.

Step 4: Plan your move

Once you find the best retirement community for you, it may feel like the end of the process, but planning the move to your new home is essential. Thinking ahead goes a long way toward ensuring a seamless transfer to your new place.

Setting a budget is a helpful first step in the moving process to ensure you’re prepared to cover your upcoming expenses. Once your budget is set, carefully go through your belongings to see if there’s anything you want to give away or sell. Lightening your load can often make the moving process that much easier. You can also check with friends about Cedar Rapids area movers and storage units, depending on what you’ll need. For a full checklist to ensure a smooth move, check out this article from Dave Ramsey.

If you’re looking for the best retirement community in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we can help you determine if Cedar River Bluffs Senior Apartments is right for you. Contact us here or call us at 319-213-5149 to schedule a tour today.

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