6 Reasons to Consider Independent Living in Cedar Rapids, IA

Here's why Cedar Rapids is a wonderful place to spend your retirement years.

One reason to consider independent living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is the comfortable amenities at Cedar River Bluffs Senior Apartments.

Cedar Rapids is the second-largest city in Iowa with about 126,000 residents and is a bustling intersection between economy and leisure. Earning the nickname of ‘The City of Five Seasons’ for its shorter commutes than other cities, Cedar Rapids offers plenty of time to enjoy the four seasons.

Nestled on both shores of the Cedar River, the city leaves little else to be desired. If you’re considering independent living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, here are six reasons to take the plunge:

  1. Housing opportunities

  2. Leisure activities

  3. Natural areas

  4. Historic neighborhoods

  5. New senior center

  6. NewBo City Market

Continue reading to learn more about these reasons to make your independent living home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Housing opportunities

At Cedar River Bluffs Apartments in Cedar Rapids, you’ll find comfort in the unique combination of city life and woodland wonderland that the property offers. With breathtaking riverfront views, you’ll be proud to call this Cedar Bluffs your home. Take advantage of convenient on-site amenities, such as a fitness center and community patio. While the city of Cedar Rapids may keep you busy, these cozy apartment homes make it easy to relax and unwind after your day. They also feature plenty of closet space and individually controlled heat and central air to keep you comfortable in this desirable Midwestern city. With a perfect view of Seminole Valley Park, lunch at your place can become the new favorite spot for your friends and family.

Learn more about senior housing options in Cedar Rapids, IA here.

Leisure activities

There’s a lot to be discovered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, especially for those enjoying the freedoms of retirement. Make your way to Ellis Golf Course, a public 18-hole golf course located on the Cedar River that opened in 1919. It’s a favorite amongst locals looking to play a friendly round on the links. Not into golf? Catch a showing at Marcus Cedar Rapids Cinema, and enjoy special ticket pricing for seniors like $5 Tuesdays, $6 Fridays (before 5:30 PM), and $6 Early Bird Specials. To check out local concerts, fundraisers, dance recitals and Broadway shows, pay a visit to Paramount Theatre. Located centrally in downtown Cedar Rapids, Paramount first opened in 1928 and is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Natural areas

Cedar Rapids hugs both shores of the winding Cedar River, where many different parks and historical areas lie along the banks. This area is a source of exceptional beauty, but also great tragedy, as the city was devastated by a flood in 2008. Today, Cedar Rapids is a beautiful example of regrowth, as this natural disaster inspired the revitalization and protection of beautiful downtown neighborhoods and natural areas.

Indian Creek Nature Center is a nature preserve that is home to a beautiful campus and committed recreational staff who hold year-round events that are open to the public. Located right across the river from Cedar River Bluffs Apartments is 409-acre Seminole Valley Park, which includes a historic village and farm, as well as walking and hiking trails. Altogether, there are 96 parks, four golf courses, and six swimming pools in the area. With natural wonders to discover at every turn, it will be easy to stay active when enjoying independent living in Cedar Rapids.

Historic neighborhoods

The City of Cedar Rapids is home to historic places like the Brucemore Estate, a 26-acre park that was once home to the city’s most elite. It is now available for all of Cedar Rapids to enjoy. Residents take pride in the gorgeous property, and there are tours and events intended to make it a place where all are welcome.

The historic Czech Village celebrates the city’s heritage. Located downtown, it’s home to a host of unique local businesses. Peruse the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library and learn about the history of Czech & Slovak immigrants. Family-owned Sykora Bakery opened in 1903 and serves authentic, homemade Czech bakery products.

Lion Bridge Brewing Company serves locally brewed beers in the Czech Village neighborhood, and hosts events that are open to the public. Right next door to the Czech Village is New Bohemia, home to NewBo City Market, and an incubator of young, eager businesses – more on NewBo below.

These beautiful historic neighborhoods will make independent living in Cedar Rapids, IA an envious experience.

New senior center

Recognizing the need for a space dedicated to senior citizen programming, AbbeHealth recently announced plans to open a new senior center to service Cedar Rapids in 2020. To be named Ovation, this space will offer residents a chance to continue their education, find travel opportunities, and make connections. While there are already senior activities and programs in the area, the completion of Ovation will create a central location so that the programming is easily accessible to all area seniors.

If you or a loved one are considering independent living in Cedar Rapids, you can rest assured that there are lots of activities planned with seniors in mind.

NewBo City Market

The NewBo City Market is named after New Bohemia and is a “community-based economic development organization” that is open to the public. Here, you’ll find a community gathering space featuring a variety of activities, such as art, music, classes, and more. Appropriate for all age groups, this marketplace brings together all parts of the community. This neighborhood is home to many small businesses that focus on local products. The NewBo City Market is a popular venue for free and family-friendly events.

Independent living in Cedar Rapids, IA, means that you’ll be part of this tight-knit community that offers plenty of senior-friendly events and leisure activities. For more information about the independent living properties mentioned in this post, review our helpful FAQs or contact us online to schedule a tour today.

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