5 Things to Love About Cedar River Bluffs Senior Apartments Cedar Rapids Iowa

Check out some of the wonderful reasons to call this place your new home.

Discover the benefits and amenities at Cedar River Bluffs Senior Apartments in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Looking for senior apartments in Cedar Rapids, Iowa can open a world of possibilities. You may be looking for something affordable, but you might also want certain comforts that feel like home. We aim to bridge the gap between affordable and high-quality senior living. Thanks to a myriad of perks and amenities, Cedar River Bluffs Senior Apartments in Cedar Rapids offers the affordability and desirability you’re looking for. Here are five reasons you’ll love Horizon’s senior apartments and everything Cedar Rapids has to offer:

  1. Convenient location

  2. On-site amenities

  3. Laundry in suite

  4. 24-Hour emergency maintenance  

  5. Private patios

Keep reading to learn more about the welcoming features of our senior apartments in Cedar Rapids, Iowa below.

Convenient location

Known as “The City of Five Seasons,” Cedar Rapids is the second largest city in Iowa. The abundance of nearby attractions means there is no shortage of things to do in the neighborhood around Cedar River Bluffs. You can enjoy the 96 parks, six swimming pools and four golf courses that are throughout the area, or maybe you would rather checkout the two farmer’s markets at Noelridge and Downtown, or pay a visit to the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. The convenient location at Cedar River Bluffs ensures you’ll have access to plenty of things to do.

On-site amenities

Even though there’s so much to do in Cedar Rapids, Cedar River Bluffs makes it easy to stay home too. Our attractive on-site amenities include a fitness center so you can stay healthy without worrying about getting to the gym. You can also enjoy a community patio and club room, which gives you the opportunity to socialize with other residents who also enjoy their downtime. Underground parking, storage facilities, and access to discounted cable and internet services round out the many desirable on-site amenities you’ll find here.

Laundry in suite

Nobody wants to haul their loads of laundry down flights of stairs or save up a stash of quarters just to clean your clothes. At Cedar River Bluffs Senior Apartments, you don’t have to worry about that; there’s a washer and dryer conveniently located in every suite!  You can save the time you’d spend on a laundromat trip for doing something else you truly enjoy.

24-Hour emergency maintenance

When something needs immediate fixing in your home, it can be a stressful and expensive experience. At Cedar River Bluffs Senior Apartments, we offer 24-hour emergency maintenance so there will always be a fix-it pro available to help at no extra charge. We also cover the equipment and maintenance fee on costly repairs such as electrical fixes, water damage, plumbing services, and more.

Private patios

Our senior apartments in Cedar Rapids also offer patios and balconies in select apartments. These provide you with an outdoor space that’s entirely your own to relax when you’re not out enjoying the charming city. It’s a great place to read a book, plant a container garden, or enjoy the fresh breeze.

Cedar River Bluffs Senior Apartments offer all these amenities and more, all aimed to help make your life easy, fun and stress free. For more information on these senior apartments in Cedar Rapids, Iowa or the amenities mentioned in this post, contact us online or call 319.213.5149 to schedule a tour today.

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