6 Ways Senior Housing in Cedar Rapids, IA Can Save You Money

Senior housing may be the key to saving thousands on annual home expenses. 

Discover how senior housing in Cedar Rapids, IA can help save thousands in home expenses each year.

Owning a home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa can be expensive, especially when you factor in the costs of keeping it in peak condition. Many home maintenance issues like the furnace, roof, and plumbing repairs require immediate and expensive fixes that can cut deeply into your monthly budget. If you’re ready to leave these costs and stresses behind, consider affordable retirement homes that help you focus more on enjoying life. Here are a few average home expenses you can save just by moving into Cedar River Bluffs senior housing in Cedar Rapids, IA:

  • Plumbing Services | $452/service
  • Electrical Services | $972/service
  • Water Damage | $2,343/restoration
  • Lawn Care | $840/year
  • Furnace repair | $450/repair
  • Roof Repair | $1,375/repair

Keep reading to learn more about how affordable senior housing in Cedar Rapids, IA can save you money.

Plumbing services

Plumbing emergencies can take a toll on your pocketbook and stress levels. Depending on the severity of the problem and condition of your home, residents in Cedar Rapids are paying up to $452 per plumbing emergency. When you live in our senior housing apartments, plumbing becomes yet another fear you can forget about. If you see a leak in your unit, call our 24-hour maintenance line, and they’ll take care of it at no additional cost.

Electrical services

Electrical systems can be another stressful home expense. The average homeowner in Cedar Rapids can expect to pay roughly $972 for a repair, depending on the level of the electrical problem they are experiencing. Residents of Cedar River Bluffs senior housing don’t have to pay extra for any electrical repairs or upgrades – all those costs are covered as part of your leasing agreement.

Water damage

Water damage, whether due to faulty home appliances, weather-related issues, or bursting pipes, can be one of the most expensive aspects of home maintenance. It can wreak havoc on multiple parts of your home and personal property, sometimes before you’re even aware of the problem. In Cedar Rapids, the average cost of water damage restoration is $2,343, depending on the type of damage. Not having to pay for these unexpected costs is yet another perk of choosing to simplify your monthly expenses with our senior housing apartments in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  

Lawn care

Taking care of your lawn is a fundamental aspect of home upkeep, but it can also be a costly one. If you hire a professional lawn care company to take care of your mowing, trimming, and other lawn care needs, you could be paying as much as $70 every month in Cedar Rapids. That comes out to $840 a year just to maintain your lawn. At Cedar River Bluffs Senior Apartments, we include lawn care and maintenance in your monthly rent, so you never have to worry about that monthly bill again.

Furnace repair

In the cold Iowa winters, you need to be able to count on the heat from your furnace to keep your home comfortable. If something goes wrong and it’s sub-zero temperatures outside, a furnace can quickly turn into a time-sensitive and potentially expensive repair. In Cedar Rapids, the average cost of getting your furnace fixed is $450 and could be even more if the whole furnace needs replacing. Our senior housing in Cedar Rapids, IA lets you rest easy – and warmly – knowing you don’t have to worry about paying any furnace upgrade or replacement fees.

Roof repair

Like furnace issues, roof repairs can be steep and require urgent repair when you own your own home. Whether it be storm damage or leaks and moisture, roof damage is a common problem in Iowa. In Cedar Rapids, the average repair cost for a damaged roof is $1,375. Fortunately, choosing senior housing in Cedar Rapids, IA means we handle all roof repairs and maintenance for you at no extra cost.

All these home expenses add up to thousands in savings every year, which can help make your life easier and more enjoyable. To learn more about the senior housing option in Cedar Rapids, IA mentioned in this post, contact us online or call 608.354.0900 to schedule a tour today.

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