8 Ways to Make New Friends at Granville Heights Senior Living Community in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

One way to make new friends at Granville Heights Senior Living Community in Milwaukee, WI is to attend daily Bingo or crafts events

When exploring senior living communities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it’s essential to look for a place with just the right blend of amenities and social activities. Spending time with your new neighbors can help you build lasting friendships. If you’re interested in expanding your social circle at Granville Heights Senior Living Community in Milwaukee, we’ve made it incredibly easy to connect with your neighbors! Here’s how:

  1. Attend daily Bingo or crafts

  2. Take a coffee or tea break

  3. Visit the fitness center

  4. Catch up at the on-site hair salon

  5. Socialize in the community room

  6. Participate in seasonal potlucks

  7. Spread cheer at holiday gatherings

  8. Invite your neighbor for a night out

Continue reading to learn more about these activities available at Granville Heights Senior Apartments in Milwaukee, WI.

Attend daily Bingo or crafts

At Granville Heights, you can find daily social activities such as Bingo and crafts that allow residents to socialize and relax. By attending some of these everyday events, you can begin to meet other residents in the community and create bonds through shared activities. If you’re feeling nervous attending your first event, consider bringing along a friend or family member. The more, the merrier here at Granville Heights!

Take a coffee or tea break

Another social activity you may love to take part in at your new senior living community is coffee and tea breaks in the shared common space. An afternoon or evening tea is a lovely way to end your day! It also will allow you to chat with other residents.

Visit the fitness center

If staying fit or meeting certain workout goals are important to you, you’ll want to visit the Granville Heights fitness center. This community space is another great way to meet other residents in the building while breaking a sweat. People generally enjoy working out together, so introduce yourself to the other fitness fanatics in the room. By trading stories, tips, and encouragement, you’ll begin to develop a bond with the residents you meet over your shared interest.

Catch up at the on-site hair salon

If you love getting your hair styled or trying out new ‘dos, you’ll love the on-site hair salon available at Granville Heights. Not only will our trained beauticians save you a trip, but you can also greet and catch up with your neighbors. The next time you visit for an appointment, try to strike up a conversation with the resident getting their hair shampooed next to you!

Socialize in the community room

Our free community spaces include a community room, kitchen, and patio. Prepare a meal with your neighbors or invite other family and friends over to extend the welcome! Spending time in the community room lends a multitude of opportunities to visit with residents in the building and become a deeper part of the community. Consider bringing a deck of playing cards or a board game along as a great ice-breaker activity to make all feel welcome.

Participate in seasonal potlucks

Another way to socialize within our senior living community is by attending seasonal potluck events. If you love to eat, bake, or cook, taking part in these occasional resident events may be the ideal way to connect with others. Bring a dish to share or trade recipes with other residents at these events. Enjoy mouth-watering delicious food while bonding with old friends and new neighbors at the same time.

Spread cheer at holiday gatherings

Who doesn’t love celebrating the holidays? Every season, we hold holiday gatherings for all residents to enjoy. These gatherings are a great chance to mingle and expand your social circle. The next time you see that resident in the hallway or the community room, you’ll have memories of the holiday gathering to reflect on and use as conversation starters.

Invite your neighbor for a night out

Our last idea on how to make new friends at Granville Heights Senior Living Community is to invite your neighbors out for a trip to the city. There’s plenty to do and see in Milwaukee, so you’re sure to find an activity that everyone can enjoy. From exploring the 341,000 square foot Milwaukee Art Museum to exploring one of Milwaukee’s 150 parks, scenic trails, and beaches, you can bond with your new friends on a fun-filled day out and about.

These activities can help you create bonds with your new senior living community neighbors. For more information about the independent living properties mentioned in this post, contact us online or call 608.354.0900 to schedule a tour today.

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