Applewood II Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday

Clem Polfer, a longtime resident of Applewood II, celebrated his Centenarian birthday with family and fellow Applewood II residents on August 16th with music, cake and refreshments.

Clem was born on August 29, 1915 and was married to Angie for 72 years until she passed away in January 2010. Clem’s family home growing up was located where Target retail store sits today. Shortly after marrying Angie Siegert in 1937, they started Hi Acre Dairy, which eventually led to the popular Dubuque staple, The Milk House on University in the 1950’s. Later on Clem and Angie also opened The Milk House on Windsor and West Locust.

Retirement took Clem and Angie north to Canada in the summer and south to Florida for the winters for fishing and socializing. The Polfers have been a beloved part of the Applewood II Community since 2000. Clem continues to be active and regularly plays his harmonica and keyboard for residents. He even entertained the 30+ guests at his own surprise birthday party by singing some of his favorite songs.

Clem holds a special place in Clara Evanoff’s heart, the Resident Manager at Applewood II. “Clem was a good friend to my grandparents, and I’ve always loved listening to him play his music and tell stories. I was lucky enough to know him before I moved to Applewood, and I am grateful for the joy he brings to the Applewood II community.”