Senior Housing Options in Harvard, IL

For a small town quiet escape, Harvard, IL might be the perfect place for you! Located just a few miles south of the Illinois/Wisconsin border, Harvard is a tightly-knit, welcoming community with a population of just over 9,400. For more information about the amenities and senior living options in Harvard, IL, read our overview below. 

About Harvard

Harvard's history stretches back into the mid-1800s when it started out as a stop on the railroad. It has grown and declined several times since then, with expanding and shrinking industries, but its core values and community have always remained unchanged. Today, Harvard's cozy, old-fashioned downtown strip, welcoming neighborhoods, and quaint restaurants create a beautifully charming Midwestern city. 

Senior Living Amenities

Sunset Senior Apartments offer far more than traditional apartments. Here, you'll find appealing amenities that will make you feel at home, including: 

  • Appliances furnished
  • Community patio space, gathering rooms, and kitchen 
  • Pet-friendly environment
  • Indoor mailboxes 
  • Ample closet space 

Because water and municipal services are covered in your monthly rent check, and 24-hour emergency maintenance services are always available, you'll rest easy and enjoy this vibrant senior living option in Harvard, IL. 

Harvard Community Resources

Whether you're looking for the perfect lunch spot, park, or activity, check out these community resources that are sure to enrich your life here in Harvard:

To find out more about the senior living options Harvard, IL offers, begin exploring Sunset Senior Apartments. When you’re ready to check us out in person, reach out to us online or call 815.289.6227 to schedule a tour today. 

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