Phyllis E.

Owning a home with all the responsibilities at my age just didn’t cut it with me. I was looking for an easier life, more peaceful, less stress. After reading your ad in the Daily Herald I followed through on it.

I came to Horizon’s Cedar Creek Senior Housing and was welcomed by the staff in a very friendly and informative way. I saw many luxury apartments all furnished with appliances, air conditioning, heat & water, a controlled entrance, with postal service, very friendly neighbors, a beautiful club room with large screen TV. We have parties and we don’t need a safe ride home! We have Packer tailgate parties, bingo, cards, and birthday parties.

I have access to a beauty shop, laundry, wellness and exercise center, heated garage and lots more at a very reasonable priced rent. I’m within walking distance to the mall, which has many stores, even grocery, bank, drug store, and many more stores. Clinics and hospitals are close by. No traffic to fight, very peaceful and quiet. Is this not a dream come true?

Phyllis E.,
Cedar Creek Senior Apartments